Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara, CA

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For well over twenty years our family has enjoyed visiting and camping at Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara, CA.   We have made many friends over the years while camping there - sadly many have passed on.  It is a wonderful place for a family vacation.

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This beautiful painting represents Judy and Carl's favorite spot at Cachuma Lake.

Cachuma Lake is located approximately 20 miles east of Santa Barbara, California.

Welcome to Cachuma Lake Recreation Area ... A Santa Barbara County Park renowned for its natural beauty and variety of fun things to do. For park information, weekend events, and Fish Watch call (805) 686-5054 or 686-5055 (Voice/TDD). Click here for detailed maps with park features.

I hope that you enjoy these photos and that you return often.  Bill. 

Remember, these photos were taken by an amateur and are subject to criticisms about lighting, colors, textures, clarity, etc.  They are simple representations of my experiences and are not meant to be "perfect."  So, relax and share my joy.

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