Updated Progress Transitioning From "Dirt Farmer To Orchard Rancher"  (Photos taken July 31, 2007)

Jan does the heavy lifting while I try to take a few decent photos.   If she isn't too tired from doing all the yard work sometimes she will carry my photo equipment for me.   Being married to a "Farm Girl" has its advantages.     We got our 2-month water bill last week.   It was over $360 for the prior 2 months.   Being "green" is expensive.    We live in southern California which is a giant desert.     If you want green, you have top pay for it.   The day may come when artificial grass and green concrete will sound and look less tacky.

The following 12 photos are the ones taken July 31, 2007:


"From Dirt Gardener To Orchard Rancher"  (The following photos were taken during August 2004):

Our transition from dirt farmers to orchard ranchers is almost complete.  We are starting to get good yields as our trees begin to mature.  In about two more years we should have some kind of fruit to harvest and eat (the reason for the trees) almost year around.  It is great to walk around the yard and pick something to eat right off the tree.  It still leaves plenty for our friends - the birds, raccoons, opossums and other critters who are hungry.  Not uncommon for guests to leave with a sack full of orchard-fresh fruits.  We have posted this to share what we have done so far with those who have inquired about our progress.  We appreciate your interest.  Please stay in touch.  August 16, 2004.

These are Anjou Pears.  Almost equal in mouth-watering goodness to God's most perfect fruit - tree ripened apricots.

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