Alaska Adventure Addendum, May 2004

Bill and Jan Helf had the opportunity to take a trip to Alaska in May of 2004.  We traveled by plane, ferry, auto and train.  This adventure turned out to be the trip of our lifetime.  The photos that follow are a poor representation of the spectacular beauty and diversity that is in great abundance in Alaska.  Almost everywhere one looks it is awe inspiring – that is, of course, if one has any understanding and appreciation of the great outdoors.  Alaska has to be the greatest ‘outdoors’ of all the fifty states in terms of size, majesty, mountains, forests, shoreline, water, pristine beauty, diversity of wildlife and plant life to mention just a few of its attributes.  We can’t wait to return.

A Word of Caution:  All of the following photos of Alaska were taken by Bill or Jan Helf, amateur photographers in every respect.  Neither of us has had any training in how to “take photographs.”  Therefore, we expect to be criticized for poor staging, lighting, focus, subject matter, balance, lack of participation in Discussion Groups, etc., etc.  And, that is O.K.  May we suggest that you set aside all of your concern for professionalism and just share the joy of “Our Trip of a Lifetime.”

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1.  Ontario CA to Seattle, WA via Alaska Air Lines.

2.  Through Seattle And On To Bellingham To Catch Ferry

3.  At The Dock In Bellingham, Washington Waiting To Board The Ferry Columbia

4.  Aboard The Ferry Columbia, Getting Our Sea Legs

5.  Our Home Aboard The Ferry Columbia

6.  Continuing Along The Inland Passage. Indescribable Beauty

7.  Small Settlements Along The Inland Passage

8.  Some Mighty Fine Folks And Some Mighty Fine Country

9.  Inland Passage Villages And Inside The Ferry

10. More Inland Passage And A Larger Village

11. Larger Village To Where Navigation Narrows

12. Navigation Narrows And On To Petersburg

13. Some Night Shots, Digitally Enhanced

14. Heading On To Juneau, The State Capital

15. Juneau, Alaska. A Wonderful Place To Visit

16. Juneu, Alaska. A Wonderful Place To Live. Part Two

17. Juneau, Alaska. It Just Gets Better And Better. Part Three

18. Juneau, Alaska. Toward Our New Home, The Kennicott. Part Four

19. On The Ferry Kennicott; Continuing Our Journey Toward Seward

20. Inside The Kennicott, Photos by Jan

21. Valdez At Three-Thirty A.M. After A Couple Of Hours, We Are On Our Way

22. Seward Bound Aboard The Ferry Kennicott

23. Seward Is Within Reach

24. Seward

25. Anchorage, Initial Visit

26. Up To Fairbanks By Train, Part One

27. Up To Fairbanks By Train, Part Two

28. Fairbanks Train Station, Model Railroading, Countryside

29. Fairbanks To Anchorage By Train

30. Anchorage. At Russian Orthodox Church And Cemetery

31. Anchorage; Visiting Unusual & Unique Places

32. Anchorage; More Unusual & Unique Places

33. Anchorage; Getting Acquainted

34.  Anchorage; Wandering About

35. Anchorage Airport; Heading Home


1.  Ontario, CA to Seattle, WA via Alaska Air Lines

We flew Alaska Airlines from Ontario, CA International Airport to Seattle, WA International Airport.  Most of the following photos were taken from a window in our plane.  First photo taken from inside Airport Waiting Room.

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