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Following the very helpful and informative information published by the Julian Chamber of Commerce will be random color photos of this unique town located in northeast San Diego County, CA.  It all started in 1869-1870.   This is a wonderful town for a family outing.  Lots of apple trees and lots of hot apple pie.  Hot apple pie is especially good with a generous serving of ice cream or a big piece of cheese.  Smile when you say that.   Remember to say, "Howdy."   Special Feature:  Scroll Down To See Life-Like Color Photos Of The Julian "Fourth of July Parade" Held July 4th, 2005.   Lots of photos of pre-parade activities as well as the actual parade.   Over 300 photos on the Julian Parade and related activities.


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Julian was founded following the Civil War, when displaced Confederate Veterans from Georgia headed West to seek their fortunes in a new, mostly unsettled land. Among these were cousins Drue Bailey and Mike Julian, who found a lush meadow between Volcan Mountain and the Cuyamacas to their liking. They were there in 1869 when cattleman Fred Coleman found the first flecks of gold in a creek. It was San Diego County's first and only gold rush.

The town was named Julian, in honor of Mike, who later was elected San Diego County Assessor. The town was never big, at the most boasting a population of about 600---more than reside within the historic district today. Rumor has it that Julian almost became San Diego's county seat.

The gold rush was short-lived, nearly over within a decade. But the pioneers stayed and began farming the rich land. While many crops were planted and animals pastured, Julian proved to be a fine place to grow apples. Apples continue to be produced in Julian. Their sweet, fresh flavor lures thousands to the mountains each fall, when visitors will find fruit stands overflowing with crisp fruit, homemade cider and other delicacies.

Visit during mid-week to enjoy the quiet and peaceful historic town and beautiful countryside.

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