St George, Utah to Escalante, Utah (June/July 2008)

(Approximate 185 mile trip will take you through spectacular rock formations, deep valleys, high mountains and lush farms.  You will encounter wonder after wonder, surprise after surprise.    Try to take the trip).   Escalante pop. 800.

The above photo was purposely left at about 3.4 times the size of the rest of the photos so that you can get a good look at that special trout.  Use your vertical arrows and your horizontal arrows to maneuver your way to that special trout.  If you know the exact name of that species of trout, please send us an e-mail and any pertinent information to:  Thank you.  A lot of fisher persons await the posting or your reply right here.

Thousands of Tiger Trout Released in Utah Waters
For many Utah anglers, the tiger trout is becoming one of the state's most sought after game fish.  They are best known for their strong fight and unusual beauty.  Tiger trout are a hybrid between a male brown trout and a female brook trout. This hybridization creates a trout with a unique, dark, maze-like pattern over its brownish gray body.  Its belly and lower fins are yellowish orange.  Because it's sterile, the tiger trout is unable to reproduce and does not pose a threat of further hybridization with other trout species.  They co-exist well with other fish species, and anglers are rapidly inquiring about how to add one of these gorgeous fish to their creel.

Researched and presented by Jim Frisk, fisherman par excellence. 

This is Jan - Chief Navigator, Trail Boss, Snack Provider and Driving Counselor.

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