"Warner Springs Airport (SailPlanes/Gliders/No Motors Flying)"

Photos Follow This Brief Introduction.

The sport of soaring is flying in sailplanes. Sailplanes are often called gliders. Soaring is a thrilling yet peaceful sport which can involve the whole family. Soaring is a tremendous youth activity: it involves the youth in a sport which is both exciting and character building.

Soaring requires dedication to learning and advancing. It develops good attitudes and builds respect which remains and applies to other areas (i.e. driving and a more positive attitude towards life). You can solo at age 14!

Soar With The Hawks and Eagles!

Your adventure begins as you slip into a sleek sailplane for an experience you will remember forever. Play with the sun and the wind. Share a thermal with an eagle. Soar effortlessly in silent freedom.

Many sky sailing flights have a wing mounted camera to capture your experience. The program welcomes your interest in
SKY SAILING at Warner Springs Airport and in the world of soaring.

Since 1959 the program has been the world's leaders in the sport of soaring and training. They are one of the largest soaring centers in the U.S.

Soaring is freedom.
Soaring is fun, it is relaxing, safe, and reduces daily stress!

Sky Sailing
31930 Highway 79
Warner Springs
, CA 92086
Phone: 760.782.0404
Fax: 760.782.9251

To learn more about Sky Sailing, please visit their Official Web-Site.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of visiting Warner Springs Airport to watch the SailPlanes/Gliders take off and land.  This is one of the top Sail Plane/Glider Airports in the country.  Next time you are in the northeast San Diego, CA area plan on taking a few hours and visiting with the Staff, Instructors and folks like us who enjoy visiting with other folks.  Go for a ride!  You will be back for more.